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We offer this audio program as an expression of Sacred Economics, trusting the divine give and take of the universal laws of energy, and the way we all participate in and embody generosity of spirit.  As you find inspiration and support, please share inspiration and support, through making a gift that honors joyfully both the value you receive and your financial situation at the moment.  

Session was recorded live on Sunday, September 10, 2017:

  • I would love to offer a gift that honors my financial well being and my sincere support to Swami Nityananda's sacred ministry. 
  • This program is really wonderful!! I would like to request information on how to regularly receive programs like this one. (please click here to send a request)

We wish you the best as you take this step forward on your spiritual journey.  May this audio program be supportive of your healing and transformation!  

-Yours in service, Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church

* Sacred Ministry represents our areas of ministry including Bereavement Support, Book Store, Communication Ministry, Conferences, Convalescent Outreach, Friday Night Healing Services, Meditation, Karma Yoga, Online Courses, Prayer Support, Recording Ministry, Satsangs, Sunday School, Sunday Worship Services, Swami Premananda Library and Yoga Meditation eCourses. Please contact us if you have any questions.