40 Day Series: Meditation to Quell Anxiety and Energize Your Heart Song

Welcome with great joy to a short, accessible, powerful practice that places tools of self-transformation directly in your hands!  As you give yourself the gift of meditation, in the ten-minute sequence shared here (or in any of its component parts), you gain clarity, focus, strength, energy, light-heartedness, and inspiration that usher you forth into your day and the fullness of your life.

A 40-day practice initiates transformation.  And in the face of transformation, we sometimes encounter inner and outer blockages, resistance, dragging of our heels.  Just be gentle and persistent, kind and steady, and continue onward with the practice.  Notice whatever you are feeling, and keep breathing.  Breathe through pain, if pain comes up.  Breathe through resistance, if resistance arises.  Breathe through joy and pure light and pure love.  Whatever you are ready to let go of will be rising up in order to be breathed away, let go of with ease and grace.  Whatever you are ready to welcome will be filling you with ease and grace, breathed into every cell of your body, breathed into your consciousness and energy field. 

Many joyful blessings for your practice!  With pure love and great good humor, appreciation, and support of Soul,

- Swami Nityananda

  • “How do I help myself move forward when I feel overwhelmed?
  • “How do I strengthen myself when I feel weak, or when I feel doubt or despair?” 
  • “Let me feel the blessings of Divine Grace in an even greater way as I energize my heart song!”

This program for inner healing and self inquiry begins with learning a ten minute practice, which includes three breath meditation techniques. It is very powerful by itself, and even more so when continued for 40 days.

In this meditation you will learn:

  • How to extend and expand your breath of life
  • How to activate full body prana flow to release, receive and seal
  • Hand mudras from ancient yogic and Buddhist traditions

The complete 40 day meditation program includes:

  • A live recording of Swami Nityananda teaching the techniques followed by May 19th Satsang with questions and answers
  • 40 daily emails from Swami Nityananda with inspiring intentions
  • Access to three additional breath work techniques to help you energize your meditation
  • A daily log and self-inquiring questions journal to enhance your progress. This chart and journal are optional tools to help you illumine your practice and recognize where you are on your journey.
  • Useful supportive material on the program content page
  • A private Facebook group for practitioners’ interaction. Share your journey, ask technical questions and make connections to help empower your practice. The combined energy available in the FaceBook group will be inspiring!
  • A Follow-Up Q&A session with Swami Nityananda on a Friday night.

Upon completion of your registration you will receive access to the program content and be added to the private FaceBook page.  You will begin receiving your 40 daily inspirational messages the Monday following your registration. 

If you would like to register to participate in this 40 day practice, please click here.

If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact us or send email to divinelifespirit@gmail.com.

With Pure Joy,

Sacred Ministry, on behalf of all at Divine Life Church