Welcome!! Many joyful blessings for your practice!  With pure love and great good humor, appreciation, and support of Soul,

- Swami Nityananda & Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church


Program content summary:

The purpose of this page is to assist you in keeping all your course materials and tools in one place. In addition to this online content, you will also receive 40 daily messages from Swami Nityananda. This program is designed with various tools so you may customize your own study and decide how much time you would like to devote each day to your practice.  The content of this course includes: 

  • Main Program Meditation Audio (see I below)
  • Daily empowering messages from Swami Nityananda delivered to your email
  • Reference material (see II below)
  • Self Inquiry Journal and Meditation Log (see III below)
  • Facebook private group discussions
  • A new breath work meditation added to this page every 10 days. (see VI below)
  • A follow up Question and Answer Satsang with Swami Nityananda. (see V below)

We suggest that you browse through this program content page so that you can decide how much you would like to participate. Please also listen to the main program mediation audio (found by scrolling down) prior to your first daily practice. It is recommended you learn the three breath work techniques by heart so you can do them easily with or without the audio.  

Before you start each day’s meditation we invite you to:

  • Turn off all electronics, phones, email or anything else that may distract you, leaving open only your browser with the meditation program.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place where you know you won't be disturbed for 10 plus minutes.
  • Print Self Inquiry Journal page and have it nearby
  • Post your Daily Meditation Log in a visible location to serve as a reminder
  • Settle in, take a few deep breaths, and allow your body to relax from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • Pay relaxed attention to your breathing.

I. Main Program Meditation Audio -

This is a fifty minute live recording and consists of three parts:

Part one consists of Swami Nityananda teaching three breath work techniques and few mudras (see below II. Reference Material A. Hand Mudras).  It is recommended that the three techniques be practiced together. The first technique is the invocation of deep prana within, inviting it to begin flowing freely. The second technique is a full body prana experience, engaging and releasing. The third technique integrates it all as we hold and sustain the mudra, energizing our heart energy. The closing meditation consists of a series of motions moving from a whole body open lotus mudra (arms straight up open over head) to Atmanjali mudra (prayer hands) with a clap over the crown chakra four times as the energy seal. The audio is 21 minutes long.  Enjoy!!

Part two is a Satsang (spiritual communion and learning from the master) question and answer discussion relating to this topic. You may listen to them back to back or listen to part one and begin your practice immediately. Feel free to return to part two at any time. The session is 23 minutes long.

Part three consists of Swami's closing comments.  In this 6 minutes powerful teaching segment she describes how you can work with yourself during times of perceived difficulty.  Since these recordings are posted separately, you may easily listen to one, two or all three of them at any time.    

II. Reference Material:

A.  Hand Mudras - used in breath work meditation

A mudra is a mystic hand position, gesture, seal or symbol. Similar to a mantra, mudras hold energy that change the practitioner's energy pattern. Mudras are often used in connection with meditation and yoga asana (posture) practice. Please see below photos for the hand mudras which are used in this practice.

B.  Significance of the number 40: 

The number 40 was mentioned 146 times in the Holy Bible and is thought, by some, to be the number of days the Buddha meditated under the Bodhi Tree before He attained nirvana.   The number 40 symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation.  For more information on the spiritual significance of the number 40, please click this link.

C.  Facebook posting guideline: please click here.

III. Supplemental Tools

There are two supplemental documents, in pdf format, to help you enhance your progress.  When you use them along with your meditation practice every day, you will be able to clearly see the footprints of your inner journey during this 40 day program. Please click the buttons below to open and download them.

IV. Additional Breath Work Techniques

These are wonderful additional resources - three breath work techniques taught by Swami Nityananda during our Darshan meditation group. They will not only help refresh your meditation focus during your 40 day practice, they'll also give you a little taste of our Darshan mediation group.  Please find three audio files below.  

V. Program Q&A Satsang

Two Question and Answer Satsangs were offered to support program participants and were open to the public. Scheduled during the Friday night healing services, the first Q&A session took place two weeks after the initial launch of the program in June 2017, and the second two weeks after the first. Participants were invited to submit questions and comments anonymously in advance as well as in person during the sessions. During the Q&A Satsangs, which were recorded, Swami Nityananda responded to each question with invaluable spiritual wisdom. 

Below please find a collection of the pre-submitted questions in PDF format and a sound file of both Q&A Satsangs. You may find this section of the content helpful after you have worked with the practice for some time, but of course, you are welcome to utilize this section at whatever time supports your progress. Enjoy!

We wish you the best as you take this step forward on your spiritual journey.  May this program be supportive of your healing and transformation and may your heart song be energized and sweeter than ever!  

Prior to your registration, you were invited to self determine a gift amount for this program based on the value you anticipated, your financial well-being, level of commitment, knowledge of similar courses on the market and desire to support our continuing service. Now that you have had an opportunity to review the materials and have an understanding of the program and all it offers, we would like to give you an opportunity to make an adjustment to your gift amount. If you would like to do so, please select from the options below:

  •  I see the program has more value than I anticipated. I would love to gift an additional amount in recognition of this and in support of this spiritual community. 
  • This program is not quite what I expected.  I would like to request an adjustment to my initial gift. (please click here to send a request).

-Yours in service, Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church

* Sacred Ministry represents our areas of ministry including Bereavement Support, Book Store, Communication Ministry, Conferences, Convalescent Outreach, Friday Night Healing Services, Meditation, Karma Yoga, Online Courses, Prayer Support, Recording Ministry, Satsangs, Sunday Worship Services and our Swami Premananda Library. Please contact us if you have any questions.