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This 40 Day Breath Practice is created to help you bring your spiritual understanding of abundance into practical, life-changing reality.  Drawing on several spiritual lineages, the program starts with a special meditation to connect and attune you to the field of universal abundance and open the channels to the reservoir of healing energy. Then, for the next 40 days, you will receive a daily communication and intentions to help fill that reservoir.

Self inquiries questions for the program include:  What can I do when I feel lack in my life? When I have a sore throat, how can I focus on perfect health? When I have bills to pay, how can I focus on abundance? When I feel lonely, how can I focus on companionship? How do I move forward when I feel overwhelmed?  

We have worked joyfully to make this program available to our community and beyond. To begin your 40 day breath practice, we invite you to enjoy free streaming this meditation recording as our gift to you. 

If you would like to participate in the full 40 day practice, register below.  The price of this program is self-determined.  

You choose an amount that reflects

  • Your feeling of gratitude

  • Your financial means

  • Your anticipation of value

  • Similar courses on the market

  • What represents a gesture of commitment

  • Your desire to support our continued work

We trust you to choose what feels right and fair to you.  If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. That makes the course accessible to everyone.

In case you feel uncomfortable about paying zero, we want you to know that we hold no negative judgment about that. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access to content as everyone else. 

Upon completion of registration, you will receive a link to download the meditation recording or request a CD copy. You will begin receiving your 40 daily intentions via email the Monday after you register. You will also be able to participate in a private Facebook group for course progress discussion.  We thank you for your participation that allows us to offer spiritual programs like these.

Choose an amount that feels good, clear, and right.


“This simple practice uncovers the hidden fountain of inner power. I have more clarity and even wisdom to move through my day's tasks with peace and appreciation. I feel kinder and more patient with myself and others. My body feels lighter, more energetic and stronger. I really appreciate myself for my commitment to this practice.” P.E.

“This breathing practice is so wonderful. I look forward to it and it’s so helpful. Swami’s text, the pictures and the intentions are all wonderful. The text about reforming ourselves first is timely. With gratitude to Swami and all of DLC.” J.A.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 Q – How do I know what amount to give? 
A - You’re invited to make a self-determined gift in any amount that reflects your gratitude, the value of this program, and your financial situation. If you’re not sure, a beautiful way to confirm your answer is to close your eyes, focus on the answer and see how it makes you feel. If you feel peaceful, calm or happy, you’ve got your answer. If you feel anxious or unsure, focus on various other answers until one feels divine. You have the ability to be spiritually discerning. We honor your divine knowing. Whatever gift truly feels good to you, is perfect.

#2 Q - May I register for a friend and give this program as a gift?
A - Yes. When you check out, please include a note that it is a gift. Please also include the recipient's name, email address and phone number. They will start receiving Swami Nityananda’s daily emails the Monday after you register. They will also receive an email announcing your gift which will include an MP3 download link.

#3 Q - I paid $10 to buy the CD. Do I need to go online to register to receive the daily intentions?
A - Yes. You will start receiving Swami Nityananda’s daily emails the Monday after you register. Even though you already have a CD, you will also receive an MP3 download link. When you register, you may take the $10 you already paid into consideration when you decide what amount you would like to give.

#4 Q - I completed the 40 day practice and received my final daily intention. I’d love to do it again. May I register for a second time?
A - Yes. You may visit the registration page at any time to re-register. Your daily emails will begin the Monday after you register. You may re-register as many times as you’d like while the program is available online. The meditation practice deepens every time you embark upon it, opening you up to new avenues of healing, abundance, love, and transformation.

#5 Q - I bought the CD and have been receiving the daily messages. How do I make an additional heartfelt gift?
A - THANK YOU!! Your gift will help Swami Nityananda and our Recording Ministry Team create more inspiring programs like this.  You may share a gift with the church in any amount using the links above. When checking out, please include a note that you are an existing participant and already receive the daily intentions.