A special invitation to join us Sunday, November 18th for a Thanksgiving and Light celebration of Swami Shankarananda, beloved founder and heartbeat of our community. We warmly welcome all to join in the light of forever Love, eternal Oneness, ongoing infinite connection. We celebrate the sacred, living, dynamic presence of our beloved teacher, and will also share for the first time a beautiful prayer he poured forth from the depth of his being, “If You Would Know True Trust.” 


SUNDAY MORNING CELEBRATION Every Sunday at 11 am at The Waldorf School, 4801 Tamarind Rd Baltimore 21209.  The celebration is open to all and consists of a short silent group meditation, universal prayers, and a hymn.  A spiritual talk is given emphasizing personal application of universal spiritual principles, living a blissful life, and nurturing world brotherhood. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Children from infancy to twelve are welcome to explore the philosophy our church through lessons that include play, art, drama, music, and gardening, allowing the divinity of each child to unfold in an atmosphere of unconditional love. 

FRIDAY NIGHT HEALING MEDITATION - NOV 16 is next service. There is no service on NOV 23.

Every Friday at 7:30 pm at Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center, 4803 Yellowwood Ave 21209.  Doors open 7:15. This is a quarter mile from The Waldorf School.   Services will be held in the Hill House Community Hall lower level—the building you see directly in front of you as you park.  The Friday night healing meditation consists of a guided healing meditation for ourselves, others and for the planet, and a presentation on various spiritual topics.  Together, we joyfully explore ways to cultivate peace and unconditional love in the midst of all the changing conditions in our lives.  This includes practical ways to transform anxiety, fear, anger, grief, and all our reactions to people and circumstances we encounter.  Currently, we are focusing on spiritual texts including but not limited to Psalm 139, The Dhammapada and Yoga Vasistha.  We often include teachings from Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, St Francis, Paramahansa Yogananda, and other ancient and contemporary mystics.  All are welcome.  No knowledge of any text or teacher is needed to benefit from these talks. 

FRIDAY NOV 16 You are invited with pure love to gather in the light of sacred teachings, spiritual community, and your own true nature. Join us for a satsang, 7:30 pm Friday, November 9th. Bring questions and stories in person, or share via email to Swami@AwakeYogaMeditation.org (with or without your name attached), or anonymously at www.divinelifechurch.org/contact-form-qa-anonymously. With permission, contributions may be published. At our most recent healing meditation and satsang, we discussed birthdays as continuation days—which in turn leads us both before and beyond this life. We also enjoyed inspired conversation about how to move through major, life-changing transitions, and how to feel like our true selves again.

Please email divinelifechurch@gmail.com to find out about the opportunities below.
Karma yoga is directing every thought, word, and deed in joyful service to the Divine.  Swami Shankarananda described it as love in action and selfless service.  The teachers in our guru lineage discovered the blessings of karma yoga and recommend it as a sacred path to accelerating our unfoldment. Through karma yoga, we find freedom in discovering that it is the Divine who does everything through us. Inwardly we bow to the Divine for doing everything through us, and we give thanks to the Divine for making all things possible through us.  Such reverence in action carries over into the rest of life as we discover the sacredness of every thought, word, and action.

You are joyfully invited to join us on the sacred path of karma yoga.  Is there a gift of service which you are being guided to share with our church?  Or, would you joyfully be available for special projects when needed?   Are you skilled in social media, information technology, or know audio and video editing??  Do you enjoy writing online reviews?  We would love help spreading the word about our church. 

If you would like a conference with Swami Nityananda, to discuss Kriya yoga meditation, or any aspect of spirituality, please email divinelifespirit@gmail.com. All donations for spiritual conferences go fully to the Church. 

To request healing prayers (all prayers are healing!), please email divinelifespirit@gmail.com.  If you send an email, we will keep your name on the prayer list for 30 days. And since prayers never expire, the prayers that are sent will reverberate ongoingly.  Read Swami Nityananda's prayers for our community.