The Divine Life Meditation Garden, which was a dream of Swami Shankarananda for some time, is now fully manifested in the church park. A lovely archway frames the entrance. As you enter, the white stones on the left represent Krishna’s foot, which symbolizes right understanding, the first step in the journey to Self-realization. From the stones rise bronze symbols for each of the seven chakras. The same symbols appear in each station, and there are saucy birds in bronze scattered throughout.

The winding path leads to the entrance of each chakra station, and each is lovingly planted and tended with a variety of flowers, shrubs, and bushes. The first station, Muladhar, is festooned primarily in red, the second orange, third yellow, fourth green/pink, fifth indigo/blue, sixth white, seventh gold. Each station offers a bench where devotees of the church may sit in quiet contemplation and meditation and feel the sacredness of each garden.

The seventh station is crowned with a white marble altar in the center, and that is topped by the symbol for the crown chakra, Sahasraram: a gold-leafed lotus. The sacred words in the sides of the marble altar have also been gold-leafed.

 Near the sixth station is the St. Francis garden, also hosting a bench offering a view of a beautiful statue of St. Francis and many lovely plantings.

The plantings have been done by the loving hands of devotees, and so have the digging, weeding, watering, and general care of each station. Great gratitude to all who have worked to make the Garden so beautiful! The Garden is truly an example of love in action.

Devotees who have sat quietly in one of the stations have commented on the feeling of peace and the loving care that has gone into each station, in fact, into each and every plant. You are invited to take some time before or after a service to view the garden, especially in its full blooming season. The vibration of peace and love remains in all seasons.