Revelations by Swami Nityananda

Let us realize the peace that passeth understanding, the peace that we find within, the peace that flows forth from prayer and meditation and Self-realization, the peace that allows us to truly be of service, knowing that the divine is the only doer. When we come into contact with that peace, we inherit the earth. We are one with all that is. We realize that there is only one will, ever—divine will—and that divine will expresses fully and freely in earth as in heaven. When we are one with divine will, one with divine love, then there is no separation between earth and heaven. There is no human-created wall, border, or boundary that can withstand eternal Love. There is only Love.

Letting go of judgment, anger, and attachment, letting go of grasping and aversion, we may enter into the court of righteousness, joy, and freedom. We may dance and sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Letting go of hunger for temporary satisfactions, we may be filled eternally with that grace which satisfies every hunger—first on an inner level, and then guiding us to whatever outer nourishment will best nourish and strengthen the body-temple. Let us ask ourselves, For what am I truly hungry? Am I pursuing righteousness, which satisfies lasting hunger? Or am I allowing myself to be distracted by passing treats or fancies? Let us allow ourselves to be filled with the plenitude of Oneness, the abundance of pure love and light, which bring lasting joy and clarity.

Let us unite ourselves with our spiritual ideal, and then there is no divorce! Let us marry ourselves to infinite Love, and then our human relationships will express that joyous oneness. Let us be espoused to infinite Love, and then all our human relationships will be visible as a spiritual path—a way to help us be of ever greater service with all whom we meet, all whom we encounter in any way in our lives. Are we willing to let fall away unforgivingness, of ourselves and others? Are we willing to let ourselves be healed, renewed, blessed, so that we might be one with first love? Are we willing to let our every breath be Love breathing through us? Say yes, and Love itself will transform us from within—and our lives and worlds will also be transformed.

Let us allow ourselves to relish the true freedom of nonattachment: allowing to fall away all pettiness, smallness of mind or heart, all rivalry, all competitiveness, all jealousy. Let us compete with one another only to see who can be more loving, more kind, thoughtful, considerate, caring, filled with ease and grace. The prize is infinite love, awarded by infinite love, the recognition that none is any better or worse than anyone else, that all are invited to the divine dance of the Lord! Let us enjoy the infinite oceans of mercy, kindness, and compassion that are available to all of us the moment we allow ourselves to recognize we are precious, we are cherished, we are nurtured, we are loved, we are blessed, we are adored, we are forgiven—and so is everyone else