Revelations by Swami Nityananda

REVELATIONS by Swami Nityananda

Let us enter gladly into the sacred presence of the Sermon on the Mount, summit of inspiration. Jesus, Jeshua, pours forth truth itself, a shining river of light that washes away all pretense, all limitation, all darkness, all fear. Entering into inspiration itself, we, too, may be made new. We, too, may cultivate the consciousness to be one with the outpourings of sacred illumination expressed by Jesus. We may even cultivate the consciousness to touch directly that river of grace, that river of divinity, that river of pure knowingness, pure beingness, which longs to express through each one of us. Will you let yourself be washed clean, made new, lifted up? Will you allow divine light and love and peace and truth to shine through you? Will you allow yourself to receive the sacred presence of inspiration, to be filled with grace, to allow the divine breath to breathe through you, to express the infinite Spirit that is always one with you? Say yes, and your every step will lead you higher, ever higher toward the summit of inspiration.

Letting go of all limitation, all that binds us, we may allow ourselves to be the fullness, the completeness, the perfection of Heaven. We are invited to realize the Infinite, that we may also realize that all we encounter in this realm is embraced by the Infinite—nay, is one with the Infinite. We are oneness, journeying through duality back to oneness, and when we realize that, then even this realm, this madly beautiful world, is a blessing, Oneness itself, an expression of infinite grace, light, peace, hope, wonder, awe, magnificence. The whole journey to healing is wholeness itself. The whole journey to creativity is inspiration itself. The whole journey to union is Love itself. Let go of all concepts, all constrictions, all suffering, and be free. Let go of the illusion of separateness, and rejoice in serving divinity in all. Let us walk hand in hand, side by side, every step of the way to Heaven, and let us rejoice that we are in Heaven all along.

Mourning lasts for the night, and joy comes in the morning. We sing with the Psalmist, rejoicing that even grief shares its gifts with us. We find ourselves stronger, wiser, renewed, more grateful, more aware of the blessings infinite grace pours down upon us. We find steadiness and healing in the light and love that are always available to us. We honor and celebrate and give thanks for the infinite gifts we have been given, even as we welcome new light dawning on the horizon. We look upon all experiences as our gracious teachers. We allow sorrow to be transmuted into compassion. We allow pain to be a guide, to help us expand and respond more perfectly and beautifully as divine love calls us to respond, to ourselves and to all we meet. We rejoice and give thanks that all the gifts we have been given are to be shared, blessed, and multiplied. Let us be more grateful, more joyful, more loving, more of service, more welcoming, more expansive, more kind. Let us bathe in the light of infinite Love, and let us rest in the arms of Comfort itself.