Revelations by swami Nityananda

Ask and it shall be yours! What are we asking? What are we seeking? Are we asking for divinity and grace, knowing that divinity and grace provide all, express themselves in and through all? Or we asking for miniscule expressions of abundance: a handful of peanuts, instead of the whole field, which will allow us to harvest more of everything than we could ever count? Let us seek the whole field of being, which is in and beyond all!

Heaven itself is ours, if we but ask. And the receiving of Heaven is the practice of a lifetime, making visible in our every thought, word, and action the grace of infinite Love that pours through us every moment we are in embodiment. We are never done shining. We are never done singing. We are never done sharing our adoration of the Bliss that we are. With our entire being, we bow to the divine that makes possible every step of our ongoing journey.

We are garbed in shining robes of divinity, by divinity, to help us recognize that we are divinity. All that we ever look upon is grace and beauty, the dance of infinite wonder and love. In the midst of this very world, this world filled with seeming chaos and turmoil, there is a garden, a garden of blessing and bliss. We make that garden visible every moment we choose kindness, wisdom, compassion, healing, service, gladness. As we do, everywhere we walk, flowers bloom.

We are called by the most irresistible power in the universe to remember ourselves. We are called to tend wounds in the midst of battlefields, even as we see our own and others’ wholeness. We are called to set free those who struggle, even as we know all are always boundless. We are called to walk hand in hand with all our sisters and brothers, knowing that oneness lifts us up, lifts everyone up. And all that is unfree falls away.


Revelations by Swami Nityananada

Infinite God of mercy and clarity, teach us to move through our shortcomings and enter into Thy eternal strength. Guide us to face our weaknesses with calm and compassion, that we may realize the unwavering light that we are, and that we may serve that light in all. Let us rise in consciousness, expand in awareness and pure love, that we may bow to Thee in all hearts, that we may step from mountaintop to mountaintop in inner gladness of heart, even as we walk through the valleys of this world, tending all wounds, sharing justice and healing with all.

O Mother of the Universe, you are not separate from any of your divine expressions; you shine in the hearts of all your children. You embrace all. In truth, there is no Mother and the Universe. There is only Oneness that is the Divine Mother—all that we are, all that is. And so we celebrate Oneness as it expresses in all beings, rejoicing that this pure life energy is divine love and beauty. Let us adore sacred glory and magnificence in all, including ourselves!

When we are tempted to give up, we turn instead to God, asking for the guidance that is always available. When conditions look impossible, and we doubt how we will carry on, we turn to God and receive the succor that allows the next step to be taken through us. And we learn that lo! God has already achieved the victory through us. Divine grace has already vanquished our enemies through us, allowing us to enjoy the unrivaled Kingdom. Let us be merely an instrument in the hands of God, that we may enjoy the music of the Infinite, the almighty transforming power of pure love.

When we feel bound by selfishness and limitation, we ask the joy of the Infinite to release us from our self-created cage. When we wander in bitterness, we ask divine Sweetness to bring healing, understanding, and transformation. As we let go of our narrow self, we discover that we have already melted into eternal bliss. We find that all our pain has been an impetus to expand into the brilliance and blessings of Love.

Alone with Thee, we are strengthened, renewed, raised up. Our burdens are lifted, our pain becomes compassion, our questions find fulfillment. Alone with Thee, we dissolve into Oneness, letting go of our illusions of separation, our delusions of arrogance and ignorance. In humility, we find that all divine strength is available to us, that we are not ever separate from the Source of all grace. We find that our heart is one with the Lord’s, and in all the world, there is only God.




Revelations by Swami Nityananda

Let us follow in the footsteps of that great teacher, who shows us that it is possible to rise above all human limitation. Let us allow to fall away from ourselves all that binds us: all fear, all barriers, all prejudice, arrogance, and unrighteousness. Let us rise into the fullest expression of the light of our being, which is one with the beloved Light of the universe. And so we allow all boulders to be rolled away, revealing the Light that is always present. We step forth from all that would entomb us. We find freedom in our total loving service to the Lord of all light and life. We adore that Light that arises within and guides us all, every step of our way.  

When we look with external vision, we may indeed miss what is standing right before us: divinity Itself, expressing through that divine teacher, and through all whom we encounter in any way! Let us cultivate inner sight, intuitive awareness, expanding our vision to see what is always present. Beloved Light of the universe, we hold fast always to infinite love. Thanks to divine grace, we share all that we have, all that we are. We give thanks for Your gifts blessing us in every moment. We open the eyes of the spirit, the eyes of the heart, to see Your divine face in all faces, including our own.  

O Lord, help us to know you with our entire beings. Help us to follow you on the path of true wisdom and humility, kindness and service. Help us to transform all the selfishness and anger and warring impulses within us, turning ever toward the light. Let our energies be integrated, healed, united in pure love on the path of peace and unity. Let us bathe all our shadowy impulses in full radiance, reveling in the wholeness that Thou art. Let us be your Supreme expression of truth and gladness.

Whatever seas are given us to cross in this life, we turn to you for guidance and succor, O Lord.  We know that you govern all seas, allowing us to move ever forward. You provide rafts in the form of mantra and meditation and sacred teachings. You beckon us from the farther shore. And as we cross that sea, you rush forward to meet and embrace us in the arms of infinite Love. So we sing to the Lord, we raise our voices in gladness and praise. We give thanks and exult in reverence and joy. We dance to the shining timbrels of the Lord.



Revelations by Swami Nityananda

Let us allow ourselves to relish the true freedom of nonattachment:  allowing to fall away all pettiness, smallness of mind or heart, all rivalry, all competitiveness, all jealousy. Let us compete with one another only to see who can be more loving, more kind, thoughtful, considerate, caring, filled with ease and grace. The prize is infinite love, awarded by infinite love, the recognition that none is any better or worse than anyone else, that all are invited to the divine dance of the Lord! Let us enjoy the infinite oceans of mercy, kindness, and compassion that are available to all of us the moment we allow ourselves to recognize we are precious, we are cherished, we are nurtured, we are loved, we are blessed, we are adored, we are forgiven—and so is everyone else! 
Let us allow ourselves to be so pure in heart that we see God in all beings, including ourselves! Let us purify our consciousness, our vision, so that we are able to see with divine sight, recognizing and celebrating unity everywhere. Let us be equal to all—equal to all circumstances, all beings, one with all in pure love. Let us say yes to the divine invitation to realize the Beloved of our heart, the Beloved of our being, the pure life and light that shine forth in gladness and in all human conditions. Let us feel ourselves held in the hands of infinite Love, and let us share that Love with all, in the ways perfect for each one to receive. 
Let us be joyful peacemakers, internally and externally. Let us realize that as we integrate all the aspects of ourselves, as we unite ourselves with pure love, with oneness, we are also able to make peace with the world. Our consciousness of oneness goes forth, opening the way before us, guiding our every step to be of joyful service, to recognize that every being we meet is a child of God. We, too, are children of God! We are all invited to dance in the court of the Beloved, to heal all human-created divisions within ourselves and within our world. We are invited to sit down at the banquet of the Kingdom, side by side with everyone—including Jesus's favorite dinner companions, who wouldn't be invited to most dinner tables.
Uniting ourselves with our spiritual ideal, we may surmount whatever obstacles come our way. By the grace of the Infinite, we will rise above even the greatest sorrow, even the greatest challenges and misunderstandings. When we encounter incomprehension, we may ask, When was the last time we ourselves did not understand fully? Perhaps only five minutes ago! As we expand our own awareness, we are ever more able to allow others room to do the same. We remain steadfast in our path of unfolding spiritual perfection, able to realize that each moment on the path is perfect, even as we strive for and realize ever more beautiful perfection. And so we, and all we see before us, are divinity in this form, oneness expressing itself in the manyness, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and among us, yearning to be realized and claimed.
Let us follow in the pathway of the great teacher, entering the holy city. Let us allow all our energies to be united in following our spiritual path and ideal. Let us triumph in peace and glory, in goodness and light, in silence and Stillness. Let us allow divine love to be of total service through us, leading us step by step toward the ultimate fulfillment of our destiny, uniting ourselves with our deepest joy, our highest gladness. Whatever triumphs, whatever challenges, whatever resurrections our journey entails, it is divine love walking through us in the eternal light. It is eternal life expressing itself through us, every moment, every heartbeat, every step. 

Revelations by Swami Nityananda

Let us realize the peace that passeth understanding, the peace that we find within, the peace that flows forth from prayer and meditation and Self-realization, the peace that allows us to truly be of service, knowing that the divine is the only doer. When we come into contact with that peace, we inherit the earth. We are one with all that is. We realize that there is only one will, ever—divine will—and that divine will expresses fully and freely in earth as in heaven. When we are one with divine will, one with divine love, then there is no separation between earth and heaven. There is no human-created wall, border, or boundary that can withstand eternal Love. There is only Love.

Letting go of judgment, anger, and attachment, letting go of grasping and aversion, we may enter into the court of righteousness, joy, and freedom. We may dance and sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Letting go of hunger for temporary satisfactions, we may be filled eternally with that grace which satisfies every hunger—first on an inner level, and then guiding us to whatever outer nourishment will best nourish and strengthen the body-temple. Let us ask ourselves, For what am I truly hungry? Am I pursuing righteousness, which satisfies lasting hunger? Or am I allowing myself to be distracted by passing treats or fancies? Let us allow ourselves to be filled with the plenitude of Oneness, the abundance of pure love and light, which bring lasting joy and clarity.

Let us unite ourselves with our spiritual ideal, and then there is no divorce! Let us marry ourselves to infinite Love, and then our human relationships will express that joyous oneness. Let us be espoused to infinite Love, and then all our human relationships will be visible as a spiritual path—a way to help us be of ever greater service with all whom we meet, all whom we encounter in any way in our lives. Are we willing to let fall away unforgivingness, of ourselves and others? Are we willing to let ourselves be healed, renewed, blessed, so that we might be one with first love? Are we willing to let our every breath be Love breathing through us? Say yes, and Love itself will transform us from within—and our lives and worlds will also be transformed.

Let us allow ourselves to relish the true freedom of nonattachment: allowing to fall away all pettiness, smallness of mind or heart, all rivalry, all competitiveness, all jealousy. Let us compete with one another only to see who can be more loving, more kind, thoughtful, considerate, caring, filled with ease and grace. The prize is infinite love, awarded by infinite love, the recognition that none is any better or worse than anyone else, that all are invited to the divine dance of the Lord! Let us enjoy the infinite oceans of mercy, kindness, and compassion that are available to all of us the moment we allow ourselves to recognize we are precious, we are cherished, we are nurtured, we are loved, we are blessed, we are adored, we are forgiven—and so is everyone else

Revelations by Swami Nityananda

REVELATIONS by Swami Nityananda

Let us enter gladly into the sacred presence of the Sermon on the Mount, summit of inspiration. Jesus, Jeshua, pours forth truth itself, a shining river of light that washes away all pretense, all limitation, all darkness, all fear. Entering into inspiration itself, we, too, may be made new. We, too, may cultivate the consciousness to be one with the outpourings of sacred illumination expressed by Jesus. We may even cultivate the consciousness to touch directly that river of grace, that river of divinity, that river of pure knowingness, pure beingness, which longs to express through each one of us. Will you let yourself be washed clean, made new, lifted up? Will you allow divine light and love and peace and truth to shine through you? Will you allow yourself to receive the sacred presence of inspiration, to be filled with grace, to allow the divine breath to breathe through you, to express the infinite Spirit that is always one with you? Say yes, and your every step will lead you higher, ever higher toward the summit of inspiration.

Letting go of all limitation, all that binds us, we may allow ourselves to be the fullness, the completeness, the perfection of Heaven. We are invited to realize the Infinite, that we may also realize that all we encounter in this realm is embraced by the Infinite—nay, is one with the Infinite. We are oneness, journeying through duality back to oneness, and when we realize that, then even this realm, this madly beautiful world, is a blessing, Oneness itself, an expression of infinite grace, light, peace, hope, wonder, awe, magnificence. The whole journey to healing is wholeness itself. The whole journey to creativity is inspiration itself. The whole journey to union is Love itself. Let go of all concepts, all constrictions, all suffering, and be free. Let go of the illusion of separateness, and rejoice in serving divinity in all. Let us walk hand in hand, side by side, every step of the way to Heaven, and let us rejoice that we are in Heaven all along.

Mourning lasts for the night, and joy comes in the morning. We sing with the Psalmist, rejoicing that even grief shares its gifts with us. We find ourselves stronger, wiser, renewed, more grateful, more aware of the blessings infinite grace pours down upon us. We find steadiness and healing in the light and love that are always available to us. We honor and celebrate and give thanks for the infinite gifts we have been given, even as we welcome new light dawning on the horizon. We look upon all experiences as our gracious teachers. We allow sorrow to be transmuted into compassion. We allow pain to be a guide, to help us expand and respond more perfectly and beautifully as divine love calls us to respond, to ourselves and to all we meet. We rejoice and give thanks that all the gifts we have been given are to be shared, blessed, and multiplied. Let us be more grateful, more joyful, more loving, more of service, more welcoming, more expansive, more kind. Let us bathe in the light of infinite Love, and let us rest in the arms of Comfort itself.