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Welcome and many joyful blessings for your practice!  With pure love and great good humor, appreciation, and support of Soul,

- Swami Nityananda & Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church


Heart of Transformation: Go Deeper!

You will receive 40 daily intentions from Swami Nityananda. The course is divided into five 8-day segments. You will also receive a spiritual letter on the first day of each segment from Swami Nityananda which will contain a link to the Simplicity option where you will find five audio files containing an introduction and directions by Swami Nityananda for each 8-day segment.   

 In this section, you will find additional tools building on the Simplicity option.  Please scroll down to learn more.
















Launching Your Practice 

This 40-day meditation practice, the Heart of Transformation, puts you in direct contact with the energy of spiritual upliftment and elevation. This is the energy of enlightenment, the turning toward the Light that brings healing to every level of the body and being. We are invited to work with conscious intention to help this energy move forward through us, knowing that the Divine responds instantly and in ways that are far larger and deeper than the human mind may always be able to anticipate. READ MORE


Self-Reflection & Sacred Scripture

Program Q&A Satsang

Two Question and Answer Satsangs were offered to support program participants and were open to the public. Scheduled during the Friday night healing services, the first Q&A session took place two weeks after the initial launch of the program in June 2017, and the second two weeks after the first. Participants were invited to submit questions and comments anonymously in advance as well as in person during the sessions. During the Q&A Satsangs, which were recorded, Swami Nityananda responded to each question with invaluable spiritual wisdom. 

Below please find a collection of the submitted questions in PDF format. You may find this section of the content inspiring after you have worked with the practice for some time, but of course, you are welcome to utilize this section at whatever time supports your progress. Enjoy!

Both Satsang sessions will be recorded. In the event that you would like to acquire a CD or MP3 copy, please contact our recording desk by clicking here.

For general information on satsangs and other services, please click here.

Yoga Meditation eCourse Facebook Discussion Group

Share your insight! Joining the Facebook discussion group provides an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and support each other during this spiritual adventure.  

Please click here to send a request to be added to the Facebook group.  For Facebook posting guidelines, please click here.

Divine Thank you!!

Divine Thank you!!

We wish you the best as you take this step forward on your spiritual journey.  May this program be supportive of your healing and transformation and may your heart song be energized and sweeter than ever!  

Prior to your registration, you were invited to self determine a gift amount for this program based on the value you anticipated, your financial well-being, level of commitment, knowledge of similar courses on the market and desire to support our continuing service. Now that you have had an opportunity to review the materials and have an understanding of the program and all it offers, we would like to give you an opportunity to make an adjustment to your gift amount. If you would like to do so, please select from the options below:

  •  I see the program has more value than I anticipated. I would love to gift an additional amount in recognition of this and in support of this spiritual community. 
  • This program is not quite what I expected.  I would like to request an adjustment to my initial gift. (please click here to send a request).

-Yours in service, Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church

*Sacred Ministry represents our areas of ministry including Bereavement Support, Book Store, Communication Ministry, Conferences, Convalescent Outreach, Darshan Meditation, Friday Night Healing Meditations, Karma Yoga, Online eCourses, Prayer Support, Recording Ministry, Satsangs, Sunday School, Sunday Morning Celebrations and our Swami Premananda Library.. Please contact us if you have any questions.