Creative Suggestion for Exploration & Fun


When you notice something inspiring in your 40-day practice, set aside a few minutes, and enjoy one of the following:

Create a collage that expresses your insight, your inspiration, the way the divine energy and presence has been meeting you and guiding you. Pull images from old magazines, or headlines from articles that nourish you, clip out what brings you joy and healing and energy. Arrange them on a page, or simply keep them in a folder you can look at any time. Place one on your mirror or in your window, so you see it often and allow it to bring a smile to your face.

If you draw or paint, feel free to create a drawing or painting that beautifully captures your heart energy in this moment!

If you enjoy an asana practice, or dance, or simply feel inspired to move in your body with the energy of your meditation practice, invite the energy of the meditation into your asana, your dance, or simply do a joyful freeform dance around your kitchen that moves through the body the healing recognitions you have been receiving as a result of your practice.

If you write, draft a poem or a prayer that expresses the energy of your insights. Don’t edit yourself or hold yourself back—let the insights pour forth. Or write a letter to yourself, or to someone you love, which captures the essence, the caring, of what has been sharing itself with you. Or write a freeform list or outpouring of words that come to mind in response to your beautiful meditations. Carry some of these words or phrases or prayers with you as you move throughout your day and your night.

If you cook, imagine that as you cook you infuse the energy of your practice into the food you prepare. As you eat, imagine that you taste the energy of inspiration you have been generating thanks to your practice.

Notice throughout the day what calls to you—what songs inspire you, or smells delight you, or encounters inspire you (even a fleeting smile, or a luminous cloud that you see).

Whatever you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch through the day, remember: I am connected with that. I am part of that beauty. I am part of that grace.

Imagine that the energy you experience in your meditation is greeting you throughout the day, everywhere you go, nurturing you, inspiring you, supporting you, guiding you, directing you, teaching you, leading you onward, inward, and upward, helping you take the higher ground, make the stronger, kinder choice. And in truth, so it is!

As you have any conversation or encounter throughout the day, remember: I invite the energy of my meditation to speak through me, think through me, act through me.