Heart of All

Now, let us formulate an intention for all life, all existence, the whole planet, the whole universe, all that is.

Examples include:

Thanks to Divine Grace, in purity and humility, according to the highest good…

  • I intend to rest in the assurance that all Life is unfolding according to a divine harmony that I am not always able to see.
  • I intend to trust in the wisdom of pure Love, to allow Divine Grace to guide me on.
  • I intend to align myself with the Divine.
  • I intend to think only divine thoughts, to allow the Divine to so fill me that all lesser thoughts are integrated into divine thoughts.

Or any intention you love!

When you have your intention, write it down below the others you have formulated as you have built your practice. This portion of the practice harmonizes us from within, allows us to be a more graceful part of the divine dance, so that we are more poised and step on others’ toes less. Again, we work with ourselves, and our work helps honor all existence.

Now place your arm at your sides, radiating out from your shoulder at a level and distance that is comfortable for you—it is as if you are embracing the whole universe, and also recognizing that your own energy does not end at the body, but continues radiating outward. So as you offer this divine gesture, you share blessings with yourself and with all existence. Then say, at least three times and preferably for three minutes,

  • May all Life be safe and happy and healthy and may it live at ease.

Other phrasing would be

  • May all Existence be safe and happy and healthy and may it live at ease.


  • May Divine Grace unfold perfectly throughout all existence, including in me.

As before, please use phrasing that calls to you.

Any time throughout the day that you feel doubt enter in to your perception, any time you feel stuck, any time you feel strain, come back to the phrase you have chosen, and offer it silently until you feel the presence of sacred stillness within you.