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Divine Welcome to Yoga Meditation eCourses Mini Series! Please scroll down to continue:




Main lecture audio:

A Gift of Divine Mother: Compassion Itself, approximately 45 minutes.

Waves of Bliss: a 10-minute guided meditation excerpt from the main audio.

  • This program is really wonderful!! I would like to request information on how to regularly receive programs like this one. Please click here to send a request.
  • I would love to offer a sacred gift to reflect my gratitude and sincere support for Swami Nityananda's sacred ministry. 

This lecture audio is number 2 of 8 in the Divine Mother series. If you would like to explore others in this series, please contact us.


Thank You!

We wish you the best as you take this step forward on your spiritual journey.  May this audio program be supportive of your healing and transformation!  

-Yours In Service, Sacred Ministry*, Divine Life Church

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