Spiritual Purification and Empowerment eCeremony Series: Be Blessed!

A sacred anointing ritual for healing and purification


Swami Nityananda, spiritual leader at Divine Life Church, has conducted a sacred anointing ritual for an authentic experience of energetic purification and empowerment that includes her teachings, scripture readings, and stories.

When you participate in this ceremony, something that ordinarily may feel impossible now becomes within reach! You are able to directly experience that, through your own participation, visualizations, and intentions, you can influence and change your life to align with the highest purpose and divine love.

Be Blessed!!

The title of this eCeremony points to the state of who we are always: pure delight and adoration, praise and joy! Through this ceremony and the stories and spiritual wisdom of Swami Nityananda, her teachers, and their teachers, you will discover what is standing in your way of feeling that blessing and how you can instantly remove it. Dive in to experience pure healing and self empowerment!

This live event took place on Palm Sunday, March 24th, 2018. The audio recording is now edited for an online version and includes written instructions so that you may create this amazing experience at home, including the anointing ritual with sacred consecrated oil. The ceremony takes about fifty minutes and consists of:

  • Ten minutes preparation time to follow the written instructions to dedicate a time and create a sacred space.
  • Forty-five minutes of a live recording: invocation through spiritual teaching, sacred ritual of celebration and anointing, scripture readings, and in closing, an inspiring yogic story of how to tune in to the right vibration in order to receive what you are asking for.
  • Written instructions to prepare sacred water at home for anointing in lieu of receiving consecrated oil. This process may or may not add additional time.
  • Receiving sacred consecrated oil by mail, if requested.

We invite you to enjoy the audio clip of a prayer below as our gift to you! To participate in the full ceremony, please see the instructions below.  You will receive a link by email to download the entire program one to two days after registration. The price of this program is a self-determined amount as your generous offering and gift to reflect your feeling of gratitude and value, as well as your financial situation. We trust you to choose what feels right and fair to you. We thank you for the support that allows us to offer transformative spiritual practices like these.

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