40 Day Meditation to Quell Anxiety and Energize Heart Song Program Content Welcome Page & Link


This 40 Day Meditation has been created with much love and thoughtfulness and includes tools and support to assist your meditation practice. One of these tools is the daily inspirational message from Swami Nityananda which you will begin receiving this coming Monday.  These messages will not only support you but they will amplify and be amplified by your meditation practice!    
This link will provide you access to the complete program content :https://www.divinelifechurch.o rg/new-page-1
More questions? Feel free to share them on our private FaceBook group or send an email to divinelifespirit@gmail.com. To go to the FaceBook group please click here. Enjoy your practice!
With profound blessings,
Sacred Ministry, on behalf of all at Divine Life Church