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Heart of Transformation 40 Day Yoga Meditation eCourse 

Thank you and welcome to this next step along your spiritual journey!

We, your spiritual family, are very honored and grateful to join you on your spiritual and healing quest. Swami Nityananda and our sacred ministry offer our service to you with complete devotion. Your participation and your gift in the form of registration payment contribute to our sacred work of creating a more loving, awakened, and compassionate world.

The most important thing for us is to make this program available to you and to support you in your spiritual journey no matter the size of your gift. Your gift payment is self-determined. Please offer an amount that reflects your:

  • financial well-being
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We trust you to choose what feels right and fair to you.  Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same access to content. Please select from the following two payment options: 

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In case you feel uncomfortable paying zero, we want you to know that we welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. We thank you and welcome you with all our hearts.

You may register for the program at anytime.  Soon after registering before the following Monday, you will receive a welcome letter with access links to the complete program content. For immediate access, please register through PayPal. Once your payment is complete, click the "return to merchant" button and you'll be directed to the welcome and access page. We invite you to begin learning and practicing the new meditation techniques as soon as you are able. You will begin receiving your 40 daily inspirational messages the Monday following your registration.

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