Lao Tzu, the Buddha, the Torah, and Jesus invite us joyfully to love with our entire beings, to love the world as our own self, to love the universe as our own self, to love the Lord with all our strength, heart, and mind, to love our neighbor as ourself. They tell the truth that when we do, eternal life is ours; blessing, bliss, abundance beyond measure flows into our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our lives. 

  • How do we embody these teachings?
  • How do we cherish all existence, including ourselves?
  • How do we welcome such joy, peace, healing, plenitude, and adoration into our lives that we overflow with the Light that pours through us?

This 40-day meditation practice is composed of five 8-day segments that create a journey of heart transformation.  Each segment offers a focus that deepens your journey to the Heart of All.  The core meditation takes only three minutes per day. We also provide additional complementary practices, teachings, and guidance that you can benefit from if you like. The entire program provides a simple, clear, direct, effective way for you to know for yourself the truth of these teachings, to experience for yourself in your own daily life the way the Divine accompanies us always, the way pure life energy supports us in our highest good and deepest gladness, the way we have a direct connection with the source of all responsiveness itself.  Embark on this meditation practice, and feast on the same spiritual nourishment that gave rise to the blessings of these teachings.

The complete 40-day Heart of Transformation eCourse includes:

I. Basic program content:

  • One live audio recording of Swami Nityananda presenting the meditation techniques followed by a Satsang with questions and answers
  • Five mini audio lectures of Swami Nityananda introducing the opening of each 8-day segment of daily practice. They are: 
  1. Heart of Yourself
  2. Near Heart
  3. Far Heart
  4. Heart of All
  5. All Together Now  
  • Five email messages from Swami Nityananda to support each 8-day segment.
  • 40 daily emails from Swami Nityananda with inspiring intentions.

II. Optional supportive materials if you would like to go deeper:

  • Directions for Self-Reflection to deepen your experience and transformation, by Swami
  • Meditation guidance web pages for each of the five segments.
  • Sacred scriptures selected for the Heart of Transformation eCourse from Lao Tzu, the Buddha,
    and more.
  • A follow-up Q&A session with Swami Nityananda on a Friday night.
  • A private Facebook group for practitioners’ interaction. Share your journey, ask technical
    questions and make connections to help empower your practice. The combined energy available
    in the FaceBook group will be inspiring!
  • Additional supportive tools to help you illumine your practice and enhance your journey.

Upon completion of your registration, click “Return to Merchant” to receive the welcome page with the complete eCourse content. You will also be added to the private Facebook page. You will begin receiving your 40 daily inspirational messages the Monday following your registration. 

If you would like to register to participate in this 40-day practice, please click here.

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