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Divine Life Church of Absolute Oneness
Divine Life Church of Baltimore

         Swami Shankarananda 
         of Divine Life Church 
               of Baltimore

Swami Shankarananda is the spiritual founder and the Preceptor of the Divine Life Church of Absolute Oneness. He is committed to assisting everyone in the journey of self-growth in order to remember their divinity. He focuses on the mystical, on what is universal in all the world's major scriptures and the teachings of the Avatars and saints of humanity.

Swamiji has a way of clarifying all scriptures and making them relevant in today's world and in each life. Whether he speaks from the pulpit or talks one on one, he speaks from divine inspiration and from his own realization. He radiates divine love, and indeed, he focuses on helping his devotees learn to love unconditionally as he does. So he teaches by example as well as by the spoken and written word. He is a True Guru in the highest purity of that term.

Swamiji holds a B.S. degree in German and a M.A. degree in German Literature. While studying for the M.A. degree, he was awarded a full scholarship by the German government, equivalent to the Fulbright. He was the recipient of a teaching fellowship while studying for his Ph.D. 

Swami Shankarananda is a 32nd degree Mason; Past Master of Benjamin B. French Lodge, Number 15; Royal Arch Mason of the District of Columbia, and an outstanding ritualist in the Masonic Degrees. 

Swami Shankarananda was initiated and ordained by his Guru, Swami Premananda, as Brahmachariya Peter, an assistant minister of the Self-Revelation church in Washington, D.C. A few years later, his Guru consecrated him as an Achariya (spiritual teacher of philosophy and religion), and a few years later as a Swami, a spiritual title that means literally, "I am That." In our vedantic tradition, the title of Swami means one who has realized oneness with God. Only a Swami can ordain another Swami. Although Swamis are traditionally monastics, some other orders today allow for married Swamis. 

Swami Shankarananda, as minister and spiritual preceptor of the Divine Life Church of Absolute Oneness, is ordained and therefore authorized to perform all rites and ceremonies, including:

Meditation Instruction: As a master of meditation, Swami offers instruction in meditation techniques, including Kriya, and guidance in the application of these techniques. 

Kriya Initiation: Swami can initiate qualified and serious seekers into this ancient meditation technique and is available to give guidance on its practice and application. 

Initiation into the Swami Order: Swami offers initiation into the Universal Swami Order of Absolute Oneness. To assure the continuity of the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of Absolute Oneness, Swami Shankarananda established the Universal Swami Order of Absolute Oneness in 1994. Recognizing the divinity in all beings, Swami has opened the order to both men and women, married and unmarried; its purpose is to inspire the life of spiritual ministry. The Universal Swami Order traces its roots to the original Swami Order founded by Swami Sankarachariya of India in the 8th century A.D. 

Swami is available for individual spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy by appointment only. This offering is primarily for those who attend the Church.  All appointments and services can be scheduled by calling 410-435-6121.

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